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Satellite Rescheduled For Launch Tuesday

Launch Scheduled Tuesday Morning

**PREPARING FOR LAUNCH** Learn more about when the rocket carrying the NOAA Satellite and Information Service JPSS-1 satellite will soar into the sky from the 30th Space Wing (Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.) and how meteorologists on base are preparing ->

Posted by WeatherNation on Friday, November 10, 2017

The first in a series of four new polar-orbiting satellites is now scheduled to launch on Tuesday morning.

There was a little issue with the battery that’s being fixed right now,” said Dr. Mitch Goldberg, the JPSS Chief Program Scientist for NOAA.

JPSS-1 is one of the latest advancements in scientific technology that will help meteorologists with predicting severe weather and keep a close watch on the environment.

It’s going to enable forecast models to continue to be accurate out to seven days and even get better,” Goldberg said.

Preparations are currently underway at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, where members of the Launch Weather Team have been busy for weeks.

We really started about 30 days before launch where we start building documentation, getting a repertoire with customer arranged safety, making sure all our constraints are lined up,” said Tyler Brock, the 30th OSS Launch Weather Officer at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Brock and his team have been monitoring weather conditions at the surface and up in the atmosphere to make sure the rocket can safely launch.

You have to remember it’s not just forecasting for the moment, you have to pull in your historical knowledge,” Brock said.

Once into orbit, the satellite will go around the Earth from the North Pole to South Pole 14 times each day 512 miles above the Earth.

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