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Scaled 3-D Rendering of the Solar System is Mind-Blowing

5 Nov 2014, 3:14 pm

solarsys02_comp - half_size_8bit

Image courtesy of Roberto Ziche

As humans, we look at the things around us and and think “wow…that’s big.” Whether it’s a 15-seater SUV with an annoying stick-figure family decal, a skyscraper or a 14,000-foot mountain, our perception of “big” is wholly terrestrial.

But one San Francisco-based artist, Roberto Ziche, has created these painstakingly detailed images that may turn those perceptions on their head. The sun, our solar system’s only star, positively dwarfs every other interstellar object in the immediate vicinity.

From this perspective, Earth is barely a map-dot on this celestial road map of out solar system.

Panet Comparison_Rob_Ziche_planets

Image courtesy of Roberto Ziche

Even a closer view, that includes Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn should still make you feel small. Jupiter, one of the “gas giants,” is large enough to hold 763.6 Earths.

Panet Comparison_rocky_planets_Rob_Ziche_planets

Image courtesy of Roberto Ziche

An even closer view reveals Mars is significantly — about 50 percent — smaller than Earth. Venus, on the other hand, is nearly the same size as our Third Rock.


Image courtesy of Roberto Ziche

The detail in the work created by Roberto Ziche is pretty incredible. A crop, from the full-sized image of our solar system, reveals he meticulously illustrated plasma releases and the tumultuous surface of the sun.

Just remember the next time you think something is “big,” from a celestial standpoint it’s probably the size of an amoeba.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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