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Scorching Heat, Heavy Rain

1 Jun 2012, 11:56 am

Starting this new month with some hot weather!  We take up down to Furnace Creek, CA, located in the infamous Death Valley.  A location known for intense heat.  Not too many people actually live here and, according to Wikipedia, “The population was 24 at the 2010 census, down from 31 at the 2000 census.”  However, the town does attract tourists and it has a golf course, cafe, and gas station.

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A new high temperature record was set here yesterday:

Interesting note is that the projected high temperatures today is 121°.  We are entering a new month though and the all time June record high temperatures is a bit higher at 128°.  The all time record for any month is 134° and that was set in July.  Ground temperatures are even hotter than then air temperature. In this area, the ground is typically about 40% higher than the air temperatures.  So today the ground temperatures could be up to 170°.  The hottest ground temperatures ever recorded is 201°.  Can’t imagine what that would feel like on bare feet!

An ever so slight cool down is on the way for this upcoming weekend and into next week the high temperatures stays 100° (briefly).

Some of the other new records set yesterday:

Most of the region still dealing with drought conditions and spreading wildfires:

On the other coast, strong storms could be firing up today.  Keep an eye out for severe weather this afternoon and this evening. Cities in the moderate risk area include Washington DC and Baltimore.

While South Florida may not see any severe weather, those areas will be dealing with areas of heavy rain which could lead to Flash Flooding.

Image from the National Weather Service in Miami.

Meteorologist Gretchen Mishek

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