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Second Severe Weather Season Approaches

18 Sep 2017, 5:06 pm

Fall is setting in across the country and many are thinking thoughts of leaf peeping and snow, but autumn can bring tornado outbreaks similar to those in spring.  

Severe weather can happen in any month of the year in the US, but major storm outbreaks are more likely in the spring and fall.  October through December roughly outlines our “second” severe weather season when severe thunderstorms and tornadoes make an encore performance.  

As we transition from the heat of summer toward the colder months in winter there is still plenty of warm, moist air in place for potent cold fronts dipping well south in the US to interact with. The jet stream, like many snowbirds for the winter, sets up further south this time of year with strong temperature gradients across the mid latitudes in the northern hemisphere.

November 29, 2016

Places like Texas and Oklahoma see things ramp up in September and October places like Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama stay busier through December.  

While most people think of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes as a set feature of the spring season, this should be a good reminder to have a severe weather action plan and to be weather aware through the next few months.

Meteorologist Mike Morrison

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