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Second Severe Weather Season Approaches

5 Nov 2015, 10:24 am

When thinking about the month of November, you’re probably more inclined to think about snow and cold versus severe weather and tornadoes. However, November is considered the second severe weather season, especially for the southeastern United States.

As the first cold fronts of the fall season arrive, the likelihood of severe weather and associated hazards of tornadoes and damaging winds are on the increase. Often the severe weather develops as warm and unstable air moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico, interacting with cold fronts or upper level disturbances moving eastward through the area. Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can develop in this unstable environment. While not as pronounced as the month of November, the threat of severe weather and tornadoes extends throughout the cool season months of December through February.
Avg Number of Nov Tornadoes

In fact, one of the strongest tornadoes ever recorded in southeast Louisiana occurred during the early morning hours of Dec 6, 1983 when a violent F4 tornado touched down near LaPlace. The tornado tracked seven miles and destroyed 30 houses, damaged another 125 homes, and injured 25 people, five seriously.

Mississippi & Louisiana
MS Tornado Climatology by Month

☻39 percent of tornadoes occur during the evening and overnight hours from November through February, compared to 33 percent during the remainder of the year.

☻For tornadoes that occur during the evening and overnight, there is a higher percentage of strong or violent tornadoes (32 percent) in the November to February time frame compared to the remainder of the year (24 percent).

☻Most of the fatality producing tornado events (20 events) in this area have occurred at night.

Because of the threat of tornadoes that can occur at night, especially strong tornadoes, it is important to have a means to monitor severe weather in the overnight hours when you may not be following the weather. NOAA Weather Radio is a valuable warning device, since it can be kept in the “silent” mode, and automatically alert if a Warning is issued for your county.

Texas & Oklahoma

Remember, there is a slight risk for severe weather on Thursday in Texas and Oklahoma. Stay with Weather Nation for the very latest throughout the day, everyday.

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