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Looking For Signs Of Spring

19 Mar 2014, 11:28 am

NEWS FLASH: Spring starts tomorrow at 12:57pm EDT.

You wouldn’t know it by looking outside, or stepping outside, in many locales.



I went out and wrote that in snow, pre-spring snow.  Here is the video.  Enjoy!  My finger was quite cold after that.

Let’s just jump to the bad news, so we can get to the good news quicker…

Your 6-10 day temperature outlook:


Those deeper shades of purple/blue indicate nearly a ONE HUNDRED percent chance of below average temperatures between March 24-28.

The good news?

Starting March 28th we’re seeing warmer weather move in to the central and northern sections of the nation.  Not warm, exactly, in the Midwest, but warm-er (a phrase I’ve probably used a thousand times to describe relative warm-ups these last few months).

Let’s peek ahead…

Friday, March 28th


Those orangish/reddish shades indicate temperatures as high as 70 into Nebraska and near Iowa.  Not a bad turnaround after a series of days that begins this weekend that will be significantly below average.

The warming spreads east, then, for Saturday the 29th.

Saturday, March 29th



By that Saturday, Illinois and southern Indiana would get in on the warming fun.  More middle to upper 60s, with some 70s a possibility.

These forecast numbers are all purely based on one computer model, so don’t bet the ranch on this warmth – as they say – but you can rest assured that there IS a pattern change on the way… and at this point, that is all I’m looking for to assure myself that spring is, in fact, on the horizon.

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV


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