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Several Midwest Weekend Tornadoes Confirmed

At least seven tornadoes touched down over the weekend in parts of four states, causing significant damage in some spots.

A mini outbreak took place on Saturday evening Most of the tornadoes were rated as EF-0s, the lowest rating on the zero-through-five Enhanced Fujita scale, but even tornadoes of that strength produce winds between 65-85 miles-per-hour (MPH), which can do significant, even deadly damage.

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No serious injuries have been reported from Saturday’s tornadoes.

Six tornadoes have been confirmed so far in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan (two in each state). The worst damage came in and near Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the tornadoes knocked out power to thousands at one point on Saturday and uprooted several large trees and planted them into homes and cars.tor 1

Other tornadoes are likely to be confirmed by various National Weather Service (NWS) offices from Saturday’s storms that developed along a potent cold front. Clashing air masses and low-level rotation caused by wind shear, or the change in wind speed and direction with height, helped create the conditions for Saturday’s string of Midwest tornadoes.

The good news for many of the affected areas is that the cold front, the culprit for Saturday’s storms, ushered in a much cooler and more stable air mass that is likely to stop any significant severe weather threat for the week ahead. Another front moving south could bring a few storms across the Midwest and High Plains on Tuesday and Wednesday, but these storms aren’t expected to be as strong as the ones responsible for Saturday’s tornadoes.

For more on the Grand Rapids tornadoes, read our other story on them here.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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