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Severe Flooding Overtakes Southeastern Europe

16 Sep 2014, 5:12 pm

Photo credit: Wikimedia/Goran.Smith2
(This image, from April 8, 2006 shows flooding along the Danube River in Novi Sad, Serbia.)

With the Southwest U.S. facing a potentially significant flood threat over the next few days, there’s a part of the globe that’s already dealing with deadly flooding this week.

In southeastern Europe, the hard-hit country of Serbia has been inundated by severe flooding; particularly along the Danube River in the eastern portion of the country. Along the Romanian border, 15 villages in the Kladovo region in particular are in danger. Twenty people were plucked away, by rushing waters, in those villages.

Flooding in this region has been a concern all summer long. In May and August bouts of heavy rains caused dozens of fatalities in each instance.

Aside from Serbia, neighboring Bosnia, Slovenia (where two people died in similar floods last weekend) and Croatia have also been hard-hit by floods this summer, especially in the late spring. In fact, the May flooding during the spring played a role in contracting the Serbian economy, causing $1.9 billion in damage.

Weather for the rest of the week appears to calm down before a return of a chance of rain by Sunday and Monday in the Balkans.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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