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Severe Spring Saturday

25 Apr 2010, 12:03 pm

JR_BLOG1The first high risk for severe storms was issued yesterday for folks in Alabama, Mississippi and parts of Tennessee and that risk became reality those folks.  Here’s a look at the storm reports from yesterday, April 24th.    The red circles indicate where tornadoes and funnel clouds were reported, there were more than 80 preliminary reports.  There were fatalities from these tornadoes, so far officials have only confirmed 10 deaths, including 2 children, but that number could rise.  One thing you’ll notice is that several of the tornado reports in Mississippi and even in Alabama appear to be in a straight line.  The reason behind this:  there was one large supercell that continued to produce tornadoes, the path of this cell was more than 150 miles long.  Keep in mind, these aren’t official tornado touchdowns, the National Weather Service is out today doing damage assesments and will come out with an official report of tornadoes as well as their strength.  Now from the look of the damage in Yazoo City in Mississippi, we could be talking about an EF-3 tornado or even an EF-4 simply by looking at the structural damage.  Which means wind speeds may have been in the 150-200 miles per hour range! Here’s a look at some of the damage in Yazoo City, Mississippi: JR_Blog3

If you click on the picture, it will take you to a youtube video and will show even more damage.  But you can see just in this shot that this building was completely flattened.  Similar images can be seen all around Yazoo City, more than 20 homes were reported as “flattened”. Looking at some of the other reports: the yellow circles are high wind reports, there were 239 reports; 212 reports of hail larger than one inch in diameter.  A very busy day yesterday, just as anticipated and mild weather works in where most of these storm reports are.

But we’re not out of the woods just yet when it comes to severe weather.  Today we’re not expecting an outbreak like we had yesterday, but severe weather is going to be possible from this potent system.  Take a look at where we’re expecting severe weather today – not talking about a extreme breakout of severe weather, but a good shot for some large hail and strong wind gusts.  JR_Blog2

Very good potential for hailstones to drop in eastern Ohio, and West Virginia.  Keep your eyes to the skies if you live in the risk area, stay tuned to the forecast as well, especially if you are going to venture outdoors – maybe a better day to stay inside and have a lazy Sunday watching movies.

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