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Severe Storms, Snow and Fire! Oh My! Your Top Weather Headlines for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Let’s kick the day off with your top weather headlines of the day.

1) Severe weather expected for the Plains and Southeast

22 million people are at risk for severe weather today. Portions of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri are under the gun for some severe storms this afternoon. Damaging hail and winds will be the primary concerns here but an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama are once again threatened by severe weather today. Hail, damaging winds and a higher risk for a tornado are the threats today. As we head into the next several days the severe weather threat stays elevated.

2) Old man winter not letting go! 

Winter weather alerts are in place for the Northeast who could see upwards of 8″ of snow throughout the day today. Other areas of the Northeast are going to be dealing with a flooding threat by the end of the week as well. A battle of the seasons for sure!

Snow is also forecast for the Four Corners region as winter weather alerts are in place for the day today. some areas could see more than a foot of snow! Reports of branches breaking have already been reported this morning near Pueblo, CO. Spring time snows typically have much more water content causing the weight of the snow to be much heavier.


3) High Fire Danger 

While portions of the country have been extremely wet over the last few weeks, others have not been as lucky. Far west Texas and Southern New Mexico are facing extremely dry and windy conditions. Winds could gust as high as 85 mph through the day today!

With extremely windy conditions and very low humidity values – fires will be easy to start and will quickly become uncontainable due to the conditions at hand. Please stay conscious of what you do outdoors today. Grilling and other flame related activities should be avoided today.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein


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