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Severe Storms Threaten Midwestern, Northeastern U.S.

3 Aug 2017, 12:34 pm

A strong storm system will lead to a severe threat across the Midwestern and Northeastern states through Friday. An unusual push of cool September-like air will clash with the typical warm, humid air mass across the Midwest Thursday evening. This will prompt a line of strong to severe thunderstorms to race across the area from late Thursday afternoon into the overnight.

Storms will fire up over eastern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and Missouri Thursday afternoon and push east into southern Michigan and Indiana overnight. These storms will pose a damaging wind threat along with hail, isolated tornadoes and torrential rain. The tornado threat is highest across southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois Thursday evening.

The severe threat shifts eastward into parts of the Northeast on Friday. Cities such as Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati are at risk for severe weather. Storms will develop during the mid afternoon hours across the Ohio River Valley and move into Pennsylvania and upstate New York toward the evening. Damaging winds, hail and torrential rain will be the primary concern with Friday storms.

Northern New England will be under the threat for severe storms Saturday. These storms are expected to be weaker with isolated damaging wind gusts and large hail.

Anyone at risk for severe weather is urged to stay weather aware and to keep an eye to the sky.

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