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Severe Threat Shifts East – Heavy Rain Continues

9 Mar 2011, 11:03 am

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone – hope all is well on this Ash Wednesday. Another big storm system is rolling through the nation with classic springtime events – snow on the colder north/northwest flank of the system and heavy rain/severe storms on the warmer southern side of the system. The most threatening part of the storm is moving through the Gulf Coast region today with more strong to severe storms blowing up. In fact, earlier today near New Orleans – a meteorologist reported a rain wrapped tornado moving towards Lake Pontchartrain – Here are more STORM REPORTS: There have been at least 14 tornado reports since yesterday across the deep south with one injury reported yesterday in LA, very near Lake Pontchartrain.


Storm Reports Today

Storm Reports Yesterday


Mature Storm Continue to Churn East

Yesterday I mentioned that large, mature storm systems resemble comma shapes and today, more than ever, we can see this in action! The bright greens across the deep south depict very cold cloud tops, where cloud heights are reaching nearly 10 to 12 miles high!


SPC Storm Threat Today

This is the SPC Convective Outlook for today, as the cold front surges east, strong to severe storms will continue to develop. The green shaded region indicates the best potential for hail, high winds and isolated tornadoes today. Tomorrow, that threat shifts east into the Mid-Atlantic region… keep in mind, the severe threat looks to be mainly found during the late evening hours today into the early morning hours of Thursday.




Heavy Rain Still Possible

As the storm lifts northeast, heavy rain will track along with it causing more flooding issues in already waterlogged areas east of the Mississippi River Valley including some locations of the Northeast. Latest forecast models show up to 4″ or 5″ of additional rain possible in some locations in the track of this system.

Flooding Headlines

Flood headlines have been issued for many locations from the Gulf Coast to the northeast as a result of the heavy rain expected in these areas. It is very important to pay attention to local forecasts and any flooding headlines that may be issued in your area. See HERE for more on any warnings in your local area:


Welcome Home Discovery!

Around 12pm EST – Shuttle Discovery landed safely today – kind of a bitter sweet moment this morning watching Discovery land for the last time. Read the full story below:


That’s all for today – thanks for checking in once again! We’ll have more tomorrow

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC


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