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Severe Weather Very Active So Far in 2017

27 Mar 2017, 5:06 pm

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes happen year round in the United States and this year the number of tornadoes are on a record pace.  Large scale influences such as our fluctuation into and out of La Nina to ENSO Neutral has certainly played a role with the increased activity so far in 2017.  

The overall more northern track of many of the storms this year has given us numerous severe weather incidents east of the Rockies.

Preliminary tornado numbers are outpacing averages and unfortunately the death tolls from severe storms are also high for the start of the year.
The Storm Prediction Center has issued preliminary numbers for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes January 1 – March 22, 2017 and the numbers are impressive.
Tornadoes have been reported in 25 states and Puerto Rico to the tune of approximately 370 so far this year.  The previous highest number of tornadoes recorded through March 22 was 318 tornadoes.  

The peach state of Georgia has seen over 60 tornadoes and 16 deaths so far this year and our severe weather season still has a long way to go.  If we stay on our present course we will certainly see a record amount of severe weather and tornadoes this year which is why being prepared for severe weather should be a priority.

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