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SEVERE WEATHER ALERT: Hail, High Winds and a Few Tornadoes Possible Monday


Severe weather is once again a concern across much of the Deep South Monday afternoon. The main modes of severe weather will be hail and high winds, but a few tornadoes are possible as well.

Early Monday morning, numerous tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings had been issued for parts of Arkansas and Louisiana. One death, associated with the severe weather in southwestern Arkansas, was confirmed by a local coroner. Four injuries were also reported in the small town of Ashdown, Ark.

Here’s what we know:



Severe weather was ongoing Monday morning, impacting parts of Arkansas and Louisiana. And that threat will continue to shift east throughout Monday. The main area of strong to severe weather will stay more linear in nature, meaning the primary mode of severe weather will be straight line winds. That said, supercells embedded within the line, and single cell storms preceding the line, could produce a few tornadoes.

6:00 p.m. through 9:00 p.m. CDT


By 6 p.m. the line of thunderstorms will start of overtake and merge with discreet cells in parts of northern Mississippi. Couple that with the loss of daytime heating, the threat for tornadic activity drops some. Brief tornadic spin-ups are also possible with embedded supercells within the line. And by 7 p.m. local time, the main line will begin moving into north Alabama just before 7 p.m. And by 9.p.m. places like Florence, Ala. and Tuscaloosa will be dealing with strong to severe thunderstorms. Although it looks like the main line will begin to loose some steam late in the evening. Some discreet storm activity will be ongoing in south Alabama, especially around the Montgomery area. Remain weather aware in these areas.

9:00 p.m. through 12:00 a.m. CDT


By 11 p.m. thunderstorm activity will active along a corridor from Huntsville, Ala. to Orange Beach — including the cities of Birmingham and Montgomery. The main threat will be heavy rain, gusty winds and an isolated tornado.

If you live in these areas, remain weather aware though the afternoon and late evening hours. WeatherNation meteorologists will be keeping an eye on the situation for you and bring you the latest as the newest model runs come into our forecast center.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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  1. City of Dermott has minor street flooding threw out the City Dermott but no homes have not been effective at this time.

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