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Severe Weather Continues – Monday’s Potential

14 Mar 2016, 12:37 pm

Sunday was a restless day of active storms across the state of Arkansas with four Tornado Reports with several that will likely be confirmed and rated by the end of the day today. Sunday’s Tornado in Scott County, the location of the Tornado touchdown is West South West of the town of Waldron, AR. It was officially rated an EF-1 by the National Weather Service Little Rock Survey Team this morning. We are still waiting on several other reports to be verified and possibly rated.

Today, the tornado threat is much lower; however, there is still a possibility to have a few active warnings (as we’ve already seen so far today) Stay weather aware.

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The primary concern for severe weather this afternoon is the possibility for damaging, straight-line winds alongside a larger potential for damaging hail. This threat is present inside the slight risk region (yellow-shaded area) indicated below for much of the state of North Carolina, a few neighboring counties in South Carolina, extreme NE Georgia, Virginia, and extreme Eastern Tennessee. Storms are expected to continue marching east through the day today so stay weather aware through the afternoon and evening hours.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Merry Matthews

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