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Tornados & Severe Weather Rock the Midwest

The same potent storm system that brought wind and snow to the Rocky Mountains and Eastern Plains of Colorado has changed it’s tune. It is now the focus of severe weather, as cold air behind the low pressure system clashes with the warm air to the east.


The set-up puts parts of the Midwest (including Northern Missouri, Eastern Illinois, and Southern Iowa) under an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms. The severe threat lasts through Wednesday evening.

The main concerns are isolated tornadoes and damaging winds. Northwest winds will have sustained speeds 35 to 40 mph with possible gusts up to 60 mph.

Storm Reports:

●Power outages blacked out almost all of Adams County in Illinois.

●Two mile-long, 50 yard-wide damage path on the north side of Grand River County, Iowa in Decatur. Medium size trees downed and vegetation embedded in fence and tree lines.

●Windows blown out of homes and factory near Des Moines Airport in Iowa

●Funnel cloud spotted at the Des Moines Airport caused damage to National Guard Trailers.

●A flag was ripped off a pole and the door of business was sucked open with damaging wind gusts of 65 mph in Newton in Jasper County, Iowa.

●Much of the town of Chariton lost power due to numerous trees and power lines downed in Salisbury County, Missouri

●Multiple cars were destroyed and a tree fell on a house on the east side of Unionville in Putnam County, Missouri.

●Numerous downed trees damaged outbuildings in Yale in Guthrie County, Iowa

●Tornado was confirmed for Madison and Warren counties in Iowa.

●7,500 lost power in Kansas City metro area due to straight-line winds.

●Tornado was reported near Benton in Ringgold County, Iowa.

●Trees and powerlines were downed in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri due to wind damage.

●A funnel cloud went down and quickly came back up in Adams County, Iowa.

●Hail measured 1/2″ east of Lincoln, Nebraska.

●Power poles were blown down with a report of a funnel cloud in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

(Image: LSM: Corning, Iowa)

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Monica Cryan
(Headline Image: Joey Krastel)

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