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Severe Weather Potential to Start The Work Week

5 Jun 2017, 4:08 pm

Widespread severe weather is not anticipated to start this week, but there are a few areas that may see severe storms the next few days. Through tonight, areas in the Mid Atlantic, South Texas, High Plains, and Front Range have the chance to see some severe thunderstorms.

In the Middle Atlantic, strong wind gusts are the biggest concern with a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. The risk for tornadoes and large hail is lower. A cold front moving into the Atlantic Ocean will be the focus for severe thunderstorms this evening.

In South Texas, a cold front slowly pushing southward may create a few severe thunderstorms. With high humidity, wet microbursts are the biggest threat. A few reports of large hail may occur as well.

A cold front moving into the High Plains and Front Range may produce a few severe thunderstorms this evening. Areas closest to the intersection of the cold front and a warm front have the best chances to see large hail and strong wind gusts.

Severe weather chances look lower again for Tuesday and Wednesday with a handful of marginal risk areas scattered across the nation.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Mace Michaels

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