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Severe Weather Roundup: A Wild Few Days

27 Apr 2015, 9:28 pm
There was more wild weather this weekend in multiple states, beginning Friday afternoon. Novice, Texas Friday ended with the touchdown of a small tornado, that was luckily short-lived.

Stephenville, Texas took what would be its first hit of the weekend on Friday too. One severe thunderstorm produced torrential rain for a while before the wind knocked down trees all over the area. Locals were treated to a beautiful, but dangerous light snow too.
On Saturday, storms slammed several states and Illinois saw its share of scary skies and damage. In Benton, IL, high winds came through and Chris Heater and his crew had to clear the road to get out of the way of more storms behind them.
Chris yelled, “It blew a shed apart. We’re gonna have to pull that debris out of the road or we’ll flatten our tires. We’re trapped man!”
After getting the big pieces off the road and were able to safely move on.
Sunday, the risk of severe weather was raised to “moderate” by NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center for a big part of Texas. Hico, Texas was the scene of a mesmerizing, classic supercell thunderstorm capable of producing damaging winds, huge hail and tornadoes all along its path.
And as the day progressed, storms blew up and tracked mile after mile, over and over again. In Bluff Dale, TX, one threatened to spawn a tornado. It dropped hail that not only covered the ground, but did plenty of hood denting, windshield cracking damage, too.
Comanche, TX got its share of hail too. From pea-sized to golfball-sized, it put an inches deep covering over the area for miles.
Then, as the sun dropped, so did more tornadoes. One of the most frightening aspects of severe weather is that of a nighttime tornado, one you may never see before it strikes. In the pitch-black sky over Rio Vista, TX, a huge tornado was on the ground and it was only visible during nearly instant flashes of lightning behind it.
In Carl’s Corner, TX, one of those reported tornadoes did plenty of damage. It ripped away shed walls, bent steel posts and even drove two-by-fours into siding like it was made of paper. The weekend ended with over 500 storm reports from the middle of the country to the East Coast.
– John Van Pelt

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