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Severe Weather Strikes This Weekend

4 May 2015, 9:06 pm
Severe weather hit the middle of the country on Sunday.
In Sterling, Nebraska the birds joined the wind to create a natural soundtrack for developing supercell thunderstorms.

Eventually, torrential rain and hen-egg-sized hail began to fall.
Firth, Nebraska was the scene of another beautiful, but threatening rotating supercell that towered up late in the day.

As the sun set, the lightning was popping above and below the storm.

It also dropped hail all over the area, but luckily there, it was too small to cause any damage.
In Valley, Nebraska, the light show from storms was absolutely amazing with hundreds of flashes from cloud-to-cloud and many striking the ground.
In Lamar, Colorado, one big storm blew up clouds of dust first, before firing up it’s own fireworks display.
From small tornadoes, to large hail and damaging winds, Sunday ended with more than 70 storm reports from six states from as far North as Minnesota and Michigan, all the way South to Texas.

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