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Severe Weather Threat For The Plains

21 Oct 2017, 10:30 am

An unusual October severe weather event is forecast for this weekend in the central U.S.

A strong cold front, and upper level trough will dig across the central U.S. Saturday into Saturday night. Ahead of this front, warm, moisture, and unstable air will help generate numerous thunderstorms. The areas affected are shown in the image below, with Oklahoma, parts of northern Texas, and eastern Nebraska most likely to experience the worst of the storms.

The greatest risk from thunderstorms will be hail, and some may be large enough to cause damage to property or hurt anyone hit by the hail. Localized damaging winds is also a threat from some thunderstorms through the evening and overnight. A few tornadoes are also possible.

Through early Sunday, the storms may begin to run over the same area, known as “training”, which may lead to areas of rapid flooding. Stay alert to your local weather through the weekend.



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