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Severe Weather Threat for South on Tuesday


A new storm system could be bringing severe thunderstorms to parts of the Gulf Coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, potentially continuing a trend of active weather across the South so far this winter.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued a slight risk for severe storms for an area stretching from far southeastern Texas to the Florida panhandle, meaning the SPC puts their current perception of the severe weather risk to be at a two on a 0-to-5 scale. All modes of severe weather, from tornadoes to damaging winds, are possible particularly in the slight risk region but also in nearby areas as well.

A strong area of low pressure is expected to travel down into the Gulf Coast late Monday, and out ahead of it a string of strong storms is expected to develop. An accompanying cold front will run into unusually warm, humid air, and the clash of air masses is expected to spark severe storms. Relatively high wind shear, or the change in both wind speed and direction with height, could produce long-lasting supercell thunderstorms that may produce tornadoes and large hail on Tuesday evening and into the nighttime hours.

According to the SPC, the governing body for national severe weather, 69 tornadoes have been confirmed nationwide since January 1, including 49 in the month of February alone, significantly above average. A strong El Niño is being blamed for the extra storminess, as unusually warm sea-surface temperatures in the central Pacific Ocean defining the El Niño event are enhancing the subtropical jet stream and believed to be assisting in producing more severe weather across the southern United States.

Stay with WeatherNation as forecasts adjust as this potential event nears.

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