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Severe Weather Threat Update!

While most of the great lakes region has seen winter like weather for the past couple of days, the south and central U.S. prepares for a severe weather outbreak.

An enhanced risk for severe weather extends through portions of Oklahoma in to Texas Sunday.

The threat for severe weather stretches from southern Texas up through Oklahoma and into portions of Kansas and central Missouri Sunday. Early Sunday morning the formation of a low pressure system formed over the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma. As the system moves to the southeast through the day Sunday, the threat of severe weather increases. The combination of warm temperatures in the south and a dry line extending form the Texas panhandle down through Mexico will help to fuel these storms Sunday afternoon and through the evening hours.

The main severe weather threat for Sunday looks to be large damaging hail

There is a slight chance for tornadoes throughout portions of Oklahoma and Texas

This system continues to move through the central and southern portions of the U.S. into Monday. The main threat for severe weather come Monday is located in southwestern Arkansas, southeastern Oklahoma and into portions of Texas and Louisiana. The severe weather threat is the same Monday; large hail, damaging winds, and a possible tornado or two for the enhanced risk region.

Stay weather aware the next few days and be sure to tune in to WeatherNation as we keep you up-to-date on the severe weather outbreak.

Josh Cozart ─ WeatherNation

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