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Severe Weather Update: Tornado Touchdowns & Large Hail in the Heartland

Tuesday was set to be the most significant severe weather outbreak of 2016 to date. With severe storms predicted to affect almost 37 million people from Texas up the Central Plains and East to the Mid-Atlantic.

The Storm Prediction Center named it a Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) through Oklahoma and North Texas. Because the threat for damage caused by severe convection was unusually high. The outbreak of severe thunderstorms was expected to include tornadoes, hail larger than baseball size and damaging winds. These spawning along a dry line moving through the central U.S.


As of Tuesday Evening:

Three tornadoes had been reported according to the SPC.
One each in Texas, Kansas, and Indiana. Each a short-lived twister. Although no significant damage was reported with any of these events.

Nearly 200 hail reports had been issued. 14 of which considered large hail with a diameter in excess of 2 inches.


The Threat Continues Into the Night:

Storms inherently become more dangerous after the sun sets. The lack of light cuts visibility and makes it harder to prepare for dangerous situations.

Even though the sun sets it doesn’t mean the storm has weakened. Stay tuned to WeatherNation for the latest on this and all severe weather events.

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