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Sizzling in the Southwest

27 Apr 2013, 11:43 am

While Spring was slow to start across the Great Lakes and Midwest, we’re already diving into Summer across the Desert Southwest. Temperatures are running significantly above average through Arizona and Nevada.

While highs today aren’t necessarily that impressive, we’ll be heading toward records in the next few days — check out our forecast map below:

Warm, dense air  from the Pacific is filtering northward into southern California and Arizona while the storm tracks are held off to the north by a ridge in the jet stream, allowing many locations to hit the century-mark this week.

This heat isn’t just a short burst, though. We expect the stagnant air mass to settle in for the majority of the upcoming work week, with locations like Yuma, AZ topping 100 for consecutive days.

In Phoenix, the heat will be slightly less intense, but we still expect to  at some point in the next few days.

This trend isn’t just going to last through the upcoming week either. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting temperatures above average for the Southwest through the month of May, while the cool air takes hold of the Southeast. This splitting of air masses will help to fuel spring thunderstorms through the mid-section of the country.

If you are dying for some heat, it might be time to book a trip down to SoCal or the Grand Canyon and soak up that warm, desert sun. I’m content with finally not needing a jacket outdoors here in the Minneapolis metro. Happy Saturday! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers

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