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Is That Smoke You See in the Sky? Most Likely, Yes!

8 Jul 2015, 12:17 pm

Smoke_NASA_SatelliteThe wildfires in the Pacific Northwest and in Canada have been raging for weeks and the impacts of these disasters can be felt far away.

Smoke from the fires has been affecting air quality downwind of the fires as far away as Wisconsin and Iowa. Sensitive individuals living in the affected areas suffered respiratory ailments similar to those who deal with smog in large cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago. The smoke has reduced visibility to less than a mile in places such as Glasgow, Montana.

The smoke is blown into the affected areas by a persistent jet stream diving southwest into the Upper Midwest then pushed down to the surface by a strong high pressure system behind a surface cold front. The persistent ridge over the western U.S. has kept states like Montana, Iowa and Wisconsin under the smoke plume for days.

An upper level cut off low is coming ashore, which promises to shift the jet stream off its current path. It is hoped the cooler weather will help firefighters fight off the fires in the Northwest and direct the smoke to other areas.

Photos & Video Of the Fire

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