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Snake in the Newsroom!

11 Mar 2017, 7:31 am

First of all, how did the snake get here?

That’s a serious question, because if this wasn’t a pet we have a much bigger problem on our hands!

A Snake in the Building

Late Friday night there was a small snake discovered hiding in the corner of the Weather Nation newsroom.

Now finding a snake is something that strikes fear into just about every normal human, aside from boys and grown men with a child’s soul.
I’m not saying girls don’t like snakes, but stereotypically it’s the XY chromosome that brings home legless reptile in hopes of keeping a new life companion.

Eyewitness Accounts

Some faced this slithering beast with bravery and valor, while others cowered in fear.

Don’t trust everything you see on the internet.

The Snake

There was a lot of speculation about this very snake, and as the resident reptile resource– I’ll set the record straight.

For starters, it’s not any sort of rattler!
Though it does look a little like the banded biter– there is one big difference between what we have here and its more venomous cousin.

Notice the tail.
Narrow and pointy, if you have the guts, it could get that leftover lunch out from between your teeth!

Even at a young age, the buzzing biters have a much broader and stubbier tail.
A single rattle differentiates the babies from the the adults that add additional rattles throughout the years.
Refer to image below.

Image: JonRichfield

But since it looks similar, we know we are on the right track!

In fact this legless lizard is often confused for something much deadlier!

This is in fact a bullsnake!

The Bullsnake

The bullsnake is actually one of the largest snakes in North America!
Averaging about 5 feet in length at maturity, this gopher-getter can grow as large as 8 feet in length.
So we have that going for us.

The main diet of the bullsnake is rodents, in fact many call it the ‘gopher snake’ due to its preferred choice of sustenance.
Wait! Does that mean we have rodents in the newsroom!?
Probably not, after all it is winter and this guy was probably looking for somewhere warm to hunker down as temperatures dipped overnight.

Speaking of hibernation, some snakes are known to hibernate in groups.
In fact the bullsnake has also been known to bed down with other slippery sliders in the dead of winter!
They do also bed alone, so I might just glance over this little tidbit when talking to coworkers.

Speaking of Coworkers

Is it business as usual around here?


Remember that Tweet from earlier? Well here is one of the responses from a fellow coworker…

For WeatherNation — Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo

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