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Snow Chances for the Great Lakes Wednesday Night

8 Nov 2017, 2:22 pm

Lake effect snow showers are in the forecast for parts of Wisconsin and Michigan Wednesday night.  Cold Arctic air moving over relatively warm lake waters will be the focus for developing snow showers.  Some snow showers could be very heavy over parts of the UP of Michigan.


So here is the basic set-up…cold front pushes through…Arctic air arrives behind the front and moves across the warm lake waters.  The lower layer of air warms and picks up moisture from the lake…that air rises…cools…condenses…forms clouds…snow falls from the clouds and pushes onshore.  Lake Superior water temperatures are in the upper 30s and low 40s this time of the year.  Definitely warm enough to provide some heavy lake effect snow for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Snowfall Forecast

Forecast models can have a difficult time with the snowfall forecast and it seems like our forecast model is underestimating the potential for some heavy snow.  Several inches of snow will be likely mainly in the UP.  Some of that heavy snow could push south into north central Wisconsin too.


Winter Weather Alerts

Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories (more counties could be added to this graphic throughout the evening) for parts of Wisconsin and Michigan for tonight and Thursday.


Keep checking WeatherNation for more updates on these snow chances!


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

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