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Snow Chances for the High Plains and Upper Midwest Wednesday

31 Oct 2017, 11:23 am

It is looking like a snowy start to November for parts of the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  An area of low pressure sweeping out of southern Canada will be the focus for snow, sleet and even rain Wednesday into Thursday.  Here is the very latest.

What’s Going to Happen?

An area of low pressure developing over Alberta, Canada will push southeast and clip the northern part of the U.S…this is commonly referred to as an Alberta Clipper.

The big question with this particular system will be the low level temperatures.  North of the clipper will be all snow, but south of this system could be all rain based on the latest temperature forecast.  This means the track of the low will be very important in determining where the heavy snow will be lining up.

Latest Track

Based on the latest forecast models, the highest snowfall is likely going to be located in northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and the western UP of Michigan.

Any change in this current track means the heaviest snowfall could be farther north or farther south.  Forecast models have been in very good agreement on this system pushing over the Dakotas and into central Minnesota by Wednesday afternoon.

Snowfall Potential

The uncertainty with temperatures in the lower levels means there will likely be adjustments with the snowfall forecast.  Right now it looks like a solid 2-4 inches in Minnesota, western and northern Wisconsin and the western UP of Michigan.  Northern Minnesota could see the highest amounts near 6 inches when all is said and done.


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