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Snow Coming to the Northeast

6 May 2017, 8:27 pm

Welcome to May.
Some snow is forecast for the Northeast as we get into Sunday night and Monday, just in time for the second full week of May. We’re not talking about a lot of snow,
but maybe just enough to dwindle your mood just a bit. Is this reasonable? Well, yes. Early-spring snowfall can occur from year to year in the first part of May.
However it doesn’t happen that often.

To put it in perspective, Boston’s last average one inch snow storm is on March 18, while the latest last inch of snow fell on April 28, 1916. I don’t expect Boston to get an inch of snow, but looking to the west in Buffalo and other upstate New York climate sites, we find this:
Buffalo’s last average inch of snow (or more) is April 2. The latest (calendar date) observed inch-plus was May 10, 1945.
Tupper Lake, NY (closer to Saranac & the Adirondacks) averages April 11 as the last inch-plus storm with May 19, 1976 being the latest
1″+ on record.

Forecast map for Monday, May 8. The gray indicates clouds, green rain, pink wintry mix, and blue snow.

So how much are we talking here?

Snow totals for the Northeast now through Tuesday night. Note to the north in Canada where several inches may fall!

It doesn’t look like much but up to 2 to 3 inches perhaps for some of the highest peaks in New York state. Snow flurries or showers may be observed
in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine late Sunday through Tuesday.

The weather pattern for early this week as blues show the cold temperatures and yellows show the warm temperatures

The reason: We’re watching an area of low pressure stall over the Northeast while record heat builds in the High Plains. The result will be
a northwest (cold) flow in the wind pattern from Lake Hudson in Canada and all the way southeast into New England and surrounding areas.

Temperatures will be as much as 20 to 30 degrees colder than normal, compared to daytime highs that we usually see. It looks as though the
wind may stay elevated enough to prevent a hard freeze or frost at night, however you’ll want to keep an eye on any plants or gardens you may have
started growing this season. The coldest core will be felt on Sunday night and Monday night.

Buffalo, NY forecast highs through this week
Burlington, VT forecast highs through this week
Boston, MA forecast highs through this week
Pittsburgh, PA forecast highs through this week

I know it’s hard to think of hurricanes while reading a story about cold weather/snow, however this week is Hurricane Preparedness Week. It’s that
time of the year to get your plans and kits ready before the start of hurricane season in about three weeks. We wrote up a story for you to read
up on, and you can find that by clicking here.

For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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