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Snow Coverage Shrinking

21 Mar 2014, 12:40 pm

Melting Snow

My three year old son is constantly asking me, “When are we going to get rid of all of this snow so we can finally play baseball?”

With temperatures gradually rising across the nation, some of the snow is finally melting, slowly but surely.  As of 2 weeks ago, 39% of the nation was covered in snow.   The map below shows that snow coverage extending as far south as Georgia and Arkansas.

Significant melting last week led to the lose of nearly 20% of the snow coverage.  Coverage map from March 14 shows most of snow gone across the Tennessee River Valley, the Southeast, and the Mid Atlantic regions.

A mild week led to some additional melting across the upper Midwest.  The latest snow coverage map shows 17% of the nation covered in snow including most of the Northeast and areas surrounding the Great Lakes, and the Rockies.


With below average temperatures settling in for this upcoming week, not much additional melting expected in the areas that are covered in snow.  In fact, we may be adding on to the snow pack as another system forms next week.


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Happy Friday!

Gretchen Mishek


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