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Snow by the Foot

9 Feb 2015, 6:48 pm


Over the past three weeks, we have seen portions of the Northeast get anywhere between several inches, to several feet of snow. The snow started coming down when the Blizzard of 2015 moved into the area, early in the work week of January 26th, and we have seen a following snow storm come around every week afterwards.

Places, such as Boston, MA, have seen so much snow, that records have been broken left and right! They are currently sitting at number 10, on the snowiest seasons ever for the city, and they could go up on that list with several more weeks of Winter to go, with a potential snow storm in a few days. The 30 day total for the city is 71.8″ and in the month of Feb (1-9), we have seen 39.3″ come down and pile up, on everything!
This poor car, is just one example of how the snow piles look in the Boston, MA area. The car was buried in snow, and it looks like it hasn’t been able to move in weeks.

Today, we took a look at the latest snow depth map, via NOAA, to see how the snow pack looked across the Northeast.

The Boston, MA area has about 37″ on the ground, and they are one of the highest amounts in the Northeast. Portions of southern Vermont have an estimated, 40-50″. Other area that have seen high snow depths are in the southern end of the Adirondack Mountains, as well as around Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. There is a clear drop in snow depth once you go to the Southern Tier of New York State, and down along the coastline of New England towards NYC, where there is about 4-8″ on the ground. It is quite impressive how much snow has melted across Long Island. From the Blizzard of 2015, portions of eastern Long Island picked up 2-3 feet of snow, and now they have about 10″ and less of snow on the ground.

Now with all the snow that has come down this Winter season so far, it seems like this is one season for the history books; that we haven’t seen so much snow come down like this before. While the pattern the past several weeks has brought about snow storm after snow storm, for some portions of the Northeast at this time last year, they had more snow than what they have now.


Places like Philadelphia, PA had a snowier year (to this date) in 2014, than they have so far in 2015. Albany, NY is on par with where they were last year at this time while New York City is running below what it had a year ago.


Boston, MA has seen a tremendous amount of snow, with it having over 45″ of snow more so than what they should have by this time of the year. The city of Boston has also had more snow than the often thought of “snow ravaged” city of Buffalo, NY. Last year, Buffalo had over 80″ of snow at this time frame, but has just over 60″ of snow so far this year.

With more snow on the way for the Northeast, we will only see these numbers go up. Other cities could etch their names into the record books, before all is said and done, with them having one of their snowiest seasons on record, or at least, make it to their own “Top 10 Lists.”

Meteorologist Addison Green

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