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Snow Forces Portions of I-70 in Colorado to Close

2 Oct 2017, 10:08 am

Drivers Monday morning definitely felt the impact of the first significant snowfall of the season in Colorado.

As many people were trying to get to work in the snow for the High Country of Colorado, they were faced with standstill conditions as east and westbound lanes near Georgetown and Vail Pass  were closed.


This was earlier Monday morning. Plows were blocking the entrance ramp to I-70 near Georgetown.

Image courtesy of CDOT.

Starting on Sunday evening, reports of crashes and accidents from tricky travel conditions promoted closures. However, as the snow continued into Monday morning, more issues arose. Here are some of the snow fall reports from Colorado Sunday morning into very early Monday. Snow will continue to fall into late Monday.

At points, trees and boulders were blocking roadways. How did trees and boulder get in the roadway?  Well, trees fell and boulder moved after hours and hours of heavy, wet snow fell Sunday into Monday.

The Eisenhower Tunnel even lost power at one point due to the snow prompting more closings.

Later in Monday morning, reports of over a foot of snowfall were coming in from Vail Pass and close to a foot in Breckenridge.

Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories are in place for portions of the mountains until Midnight MDT Monday night.

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