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Snow Removal Of A Different Kind and Record Cold in Florida!

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Yes indeed, we are limping into Spring. March 2013 has been quite a bit different than what we had last year at this time. Late season cold blasts and bouts have snow have delayed Spring’s arrival in many locations across the country. If you’re looking for a quick/easy solution to get rid of that snow in your front yard, look no further… Elk have become the new snow removal tool according to the Grand Canyon Association FB Page.

“Snow removal, Grand Canyon style. Note the new antlers coming in on this bull elk.

See more from the Grand Canyon Association Facebook Page HERE:

The Donkey Whisperer…?

Thanks to my good friend Rich Koivisto for the picture below near Bullhead City, AZ. Locals have called him “The Donkey Whisperer” – I guess I see why. That’s a wild burro!

It’s Spring Somewhere!

Thanks again to Rich Koivisto for the picture below, where there are several signs of Spring in the Desert Southwest. Interestingly to think that the desert can be so colorful!

Southwest Warmth

This is interesting… The forecast high today of 70°+ is contoured below. Note that the only locations across the nation that will achieve that mark or greater will be the Southwest and the southern half of Florida.

Average Highs at 70°+

The image below suggests the locations that should be at 70°+ for March 28th.


Record Cold

According to, there have been 1,700+ record “Min Temps” and/or “Lowest Max Temps” record either tied or broken over the past week.

Record Cold in Florida

Key West, FL had back to back record low temps on Wednesday and Thursday morning (both 58°). Now 58° to a Minnesotan would feel wonderful right about now, but 58° to a Floridian is pretty chilly!

Florida Chill Fades

The good news is that we’ve seen the worst of the cold in Florida this week/weekend. Temperatures both on the high and low side will be warming. In fact, low temperatures for a number of locations will get back to normal by late weekend.

Cold, But Clear!

The nice thing about cold weather is that it tends to be dry and that means lots of sunshine! Take a look at some of the beautiful sunset pictures that viewers sent us!

Fun in the Sun

Spring Breakers tend to flock towards warmer weather… I’m sure there are a handful of folks that have made their way to Florida beaches. Here’s a webcam from Bathtub Beach, FL – where there was lots of sunshine on this Thursday!

See the current view HERE:


Keep in mind that the UV INDEX is quite a bit stronger the farther south you go. In fact, the UV index is HIGH to EXTREME across the southern tier of the nation, meaning that you could get a sunburn in just a matter of minutes! Make sure to lather up on that sunscreen!

See more from NOAA’s CPC HERE:

Florida Temps Today

Even with temperatures in to the 60s and 70s across the “Sunshine State” – we’ll still be nearly 5° to 15° below average! Spring Breakers are probably feeling a bit cheated by Mother Nature.

Gradual Warming in the East

The good news is that temperatures will continue to moderate over the next couple of days. It won’t be quite as cold as what it has been. The farther northeast you go, the less moderation you’ll see into the weekend. The image below shows the current ‘temp trend’ across the nation. It’s cool in the east and warm in the west.

Thursday Highs From Normal

Temps across the nation are finally starting to warm up (a little). The forecast departure from normal high map below still show significantly below normal temperatures across the eastern half of the country.

Weekend Warming

Saturday looks to the the warmest day for those in the east prior to another blast of cold air heading in from Canada.

Saturday Highs From Normal

Saturday finally looks a little better for ‘most’ around the country. Even though there will still be several in the eastern part of the country that are near or just slightly below average, it won’t be quite as bone-chilling as it has been as of late.

Another Cold Blast

UGH! I hate to say it, but another cold blast looks to bury the eastern part of the country with well below normal temps again. This is really getting old!

Tuesday Highs From Normal

Yes, this is for real… High temperatures next Tuesday, April 2nd are forecast to be well below normal for a large chunk of the eastern half of the country!

Thanks for checking in, have a great weekend ahead!

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