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More Snow On Tap for the Northeast?


Here we go again.

For Boston and most of New England, the last thing most folks want to hear about is the possibility of more snow. But that’s exactly what looks to be in the cards over the next several days.

Fresh off of smashing its record for snowiest seven-day stretch in city history, Boston could be facing two rounds of fairly significant snow into the weekend.

A cold front will merge with a developing coastal low to give New York City and southern New England a quick shot of snow on Thursday morning, likely only amounting to an inch or two in New York City, Long Island and southern Connecticut. But some moisture from the developing low will cycle back towards Boston, giving the city yet another snowfall to add on to the nearly 50″ it has received over the last 10 days. Boston is likely to receive 3-6″ from this storm, primarily on Thursday.

And as for hard-hit Maine, including the coastal community of Eastport, which has received a state-record 76.0″ of snow in the last, it’s here in the Pine Tree State where the highest snow accumulations could develop with this system. Up to a foot of snow could fall on coastal Maine by Friday morning before the low pushes into the Canadian maritime.

But that’s not all. Sunday night and Monday morning could deliver yet another significant bout of snowfall in many of the same areas. Boston could be in the thick of a developing coastal storm that moves through Monday morning. This storm, however, has an uncertain track and the models are in disagreement, but some of the models are indicating another double-digit snowfall could be on the horizon for parts of New England…yet again.

Don’t put away the snow shovels yet, New Englanders. Keep you posted.

Meteorologist and native New Englander Chris Bianchi

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