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Snow & Winter Weather Hammer Utah

14 Dec 2015, 12:38 pm

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (WeatherNation Affiliate Good 4 Utah) – It probably wont look anything like the biggest storm Utah ever saw, back in 1993. But, nonetheless the Utah Department of Transportation will be out Sunday night and Monday morning clearing the roads for your morning commute. And if you’re not prepared it will catch Utah drivers by surprise.

“It has the potential to be snarling, to attract snarl traffic, but I think that there will be some preparation done. The last system, there was less preparation. This system, there will be plenty of preparation,” said Pete Wolinsky, a lead forecaster with the National Weather Service.

“Our crews are going to be out in force and it’s gonna be a long few days,” said John Gleason, spokesperson for the Utah Department of Transportation. “But, they’re ready, they’re dedicated to making the roads as safe as possible and this is really what they live for.”

The National Weather Service expects rainfall to kick things off early Monday morning, turning into snow right around sunrise, making your morning commute an icy situation.

“It has the potential to last into the day Tuesday and even into Tuesday night so that could end up being some pretty good snow totals in some areas,” says Wolinsky.

Just how much snow exactly? The National Weather Service predicts anywhere between 2-5 inches of snow along the Salt Lake Valley, with 4-8 inches from Davis County northward and south of Utah County. Though this storm is expected to drop a significant amount of snow, they say we’re well below our normal snow accumulation and water accumulation.

“This is really the first major snowstorm of the year that we’ve had, the first major test for Utah drivers, so we’re asking everyone to plan ahead and maybe leave a little bit early tomorrow and focus on safe driving,” says Gleason.

During our most recent storm, two weeks ago, Utah Highway Patrol received over 200 calls about accidents. The snow flurries that fell throughout the day caught drivers by surprise as it created slick icy conditions on the road throughout the day. With this storm expected to exceed that one, drivers should exercise caution, and be prepared.

“We want everyone to be safe. That’s really the big message out there is to focus on safety and maybe a little patience as well, patience will go a long way tomorrow,” adds Gleason.

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