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Snowmageddon 2017? That Is If You Follow the Farmers Almanac

17 Aug 2016, 5:00 pm

The Long Range Weather Forecast has been released by The Old Farmer’s Almanac and it’s looking great for snow lovers!

They are predicting near to above normal snowfall and frigid conditions. The end of November is looking the snowiest along with Mid-January and early February. As far as temperatures go, we are warned to brace ourselves for the teeth chattering temperatures during the months of January and February for the Northeast and Midwest. A wet and rainy Winter is in the forecast across the Pacific Northwest, but plenty of warmer than average days expected across the South!

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Now, it’s up to you to decide if you will be following The Old Farmer’s Almanac Long-Range Weather Forecast which has been predicted for hundreds of years. The almanac is based on a secret formula that founder, Robert B. Thomas, designed using solar cycles, climatology, and meteorology. It claims to have an 80 percent accuracy rate so the choice is yours! Nonetheless, stay warm this winter!


12 responses to “Snowmageddon 2017? That Is If You Follow the Farmers Almanac

  1. I grew up in Maine and my Dad always got a new farmers almanac every year. It was like a diary to him and most of the time it was true to the fact of the cold Winters we endured. I left Maine when I joined the military the first week in January 1974 and have paid a visit 3 times since then. My family is buried in Maine and it’s a place I will always call home no matter where in the world I roam. If it wasn’t for the six months of Winter, I’d be living back home now but health reasons make that impossible now. I still like reading the Farmers Almanac because it brings back many home time memories. Bundle up folks in New England !

  2. Kansas always gets something but its never the winter everyone says we will have or wants, everyone always wants snow for christmas, trust me im not a snow person I dont drive in it and i hate being out in it because it makes me hurt more and I dont do well with the cold but, i would love some actual snow on christmas eve and christmas day and new years would be alright also and not just the dusting of snow or the extreme cold with nothing I want some actual snow but, I will believe it when it happens.

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