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Soaked in the Southeast; Heat Builds Across the Nation

18 Aug 2013, 12:04 pm

Rain totals climbing over 6″ in 48 hours? Or excessive heat warnings? Which would you rather have — to be honest, it’s probably neither.

Forecast Set-Up Today. That pesky jet stream is up to its old tricks once again. A sizeable buckle across the mid-section of the country leaves the west under a bubble of heat, while the east is stuck with cool, damp skies. Things flatten out later this week, don’t worry.

2-Day Rainfall Totals. The Southeast has been hit with a deluge of rain recently — these 48 hour totals are impressive. Pensacola was still climbing at last count (it will continue to rain there through the next few days), and the moisture is spreading up towards the Mid Atlantic.

Substantial Soaking. It hasn’t just been the last few days — this rain has been persistent. These numbers tally up the rain from Thursday to Saturday. Just a little perspective: Camilla, GA typically gets 5.08″ of rain for the entire month of August… They had double that in just 3 days. Incredible!

Aug-tober? Cool temps accompanied all the rain in the Atlanta area, which only made it to 67° for a high on Saturday. This is almost unheard-of, especially when the average temperatures should be in the upper 80s with plenty of humidity.



New Records. While Atlanta was shivering, record-breaking heat gripped the Southwest. The heat here is expected to persist — and build northeast — through the upcoming week ahead. More records could fall once again today.

Setting Up for Another Steamy Day. Many areas of Arizona and Colorado will be near record high temps again this afternoon — we’ll have the latest through the day at Just click LIVE!


Heat Builds East. This ridge of Southwestern heat will eventually spill into the Central Plains and Midwest as the jet stream lifts northward. A heat dome reminiscent of last year’s sweltering summer will settle in, just in time for state fairs across the country. It doesn’t quite feel like the state fair if you aren’t getting mild heat stroke while wandering between all the deep-fried food stands, right?

Midwestern Summer,  Act II. After a lengthy intermission of below-average temperatures, summer will return to the Midwest — and it’s back with a vengeance. In the Black Hills of South Dakota, expect triple-digit temps (a full 20 degrees above normal).


I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to another chance to wear shorts and a tank-top before the harsh Minnesota winter sets in. Are you with me? Share your comments with us on Facebook and Twitter — we might even use them on the air!


Have a wonderful week ahead! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers (@mhilgersWNTV)


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