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Soaker Moves Into New England Thursday, Flood Alerts Issued

5 Apr 2017, 5:55 pm

From snow to rain, New England is set to get a lot of rainfall less than a week after getting a lot of snowfall.  An excessive amount of rain may fall in areas to cause brief flooding.  Flood alerts have been issued for 11 states for the potential of high water and its associated impacts.  As it stands right now it appears most locations will get between one and three inches of rainfall from Wednesday night through Thursday night, the heaviest being on Thursday morning through Thursday evening.  Locations that will likely get the most rainfall will be right along the coast, with another maximum closer to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Valley.  Let’s take a look at some of our weather models below.

Flood watch in effect from Thursday through Friday night (as of 4/5/17). A flood watch means there is the *potential* for flooding and you should avoid high water areas.

Future radar for Thursday morning, April 6, 2017. Greens and yellow show light to moderate rain, while oranges and reds show heavy to very heavy rain and possibly thunderstorms.
Forecast clouds and radar as of midday Thursday as heavy rain and storms are expected to be moving to the north
Forecast radar and clouds by Friday morning. Much of the heaviest rainfall will have passed, with a few lingering valley rain showers and mountain snow showers Friday.
*Forecast* precipitation amounts from Wednesday night through Sunday with areas in orange and red showing the highest accumulation. Again, just one forecast model, but it shows the potential rainfall of one to three inches coming in.

When we talk about heavy rainfall coming in and flood alerts are issued, you want to remember a few things.  A flood watch means there is potential for flooding and you want to be prepared and aware of the potential hazards.  A flood advisory  means flooding has been observed or is about to happen, but on a more minor scale.  A flood warning means flooding has occurred or is about to occur and you want to avoid flooded areas.  A flash flood warning is the most serious, meaning life-threatening rain has fallen where water may rise very quickly without much warning.  The bottom line is to use good judgment!  Stay with WeatherNation and/or local affiliates and government agencies for the very latest.

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