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Soggy Sunday

2 May 2010, 10:00 am

jrblogAfter more than 10 reports of tornado touch downs yesterday, we’re still looking at a slight chance for severe weather for today, but the main concern is really flash flooding.  Yesterday Nashville got more than six inches of rain in the bucket, and just to the southwest of Nashville, there were areas that saw 10 inches of rain fall!  All of this rain in a 24-hour period and flash flooding was a major issue yesterday, I-24 in Tennessee was closed for a reason.  Take a look at this:

flash flooding

That building looking structure was a mobile school-house.  Keep in mind, it only takes six inches of moving water to wipe you off your feet, and 2 feet of water will move a vehicle, you can tell there was a lot more water on I-24 than 2 feet, and this water was moving rapidly.  Flash floods are the most deadly weather phenomenon and unfortunately there have already been five deaths reported due to raging waters.  But the rain isn’t done with Tennessee or Kentucky.  Here’s a close look at what’s going on this morning:

jr_blogThose reds and oranges are showing heavy rainfall, sitting right on top of Nashville again.  These are training rain showers, meaning that the same area of land will continue to see rain and thunderstorms move over the area as if there were an invisible train track it were following.  This is what lead to flash flooding yesterday and will worsen the problem today.  Flash flood watches and warnings are posted for a large area along these storms and continue through early Monday morning.


You can also see to the right of that picture that we’ve still got a shot at severe weather in the areas in orange, the main threat will be hail, but you can see the yellow outlined parallelogram – that’s where tornadoes are possible as well.  Keep on the safe side of the flooding if you can, please take the school-rhyme “turn around, don’t drown” rhyme seriously.

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