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Solar Eclipse: Photos From our Fans

21 May 2012, 5:10 pm

Wow!! We are so grateful to our fans.  You sent in some amazing Solar Eclipse photos in the past 24 hours.   Consider this blog to be a public thank you and an opportunity for more eyes to see your amazing work.   Please like and share this post as a way to recognize the photographers for their great work.

Photo Courtesy: Shane Colliflower from North Amarillo, TX
Photo Courtesy: Pamela Prokosch in Roseville, MN
Photo Courtesy: Rebecca Boos in St. Cloud MN
Photo Courtesy: AZweatherchick in Phoenix, AZ
Photo Courtesy: Willard Sharp in Madrid, Iowa
Photo Courtesy: Miguel Chavarria in Lamesa, TX
Photo Courtesy: Matthew Porcelli in Madison, WI
Photo Courtesy: Marlo Lundy in Southern Iowa
Photo Courtesy: Jim Grant in San Diego, CA
Photo Courtesy: Paul Brooks at Pbrooks Photography at Mark Twain Overlook in Muscatine, Iowa

Thanks again for sharing.

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