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Some Drought Relief… But Need More

29 May 2014, 12:19 pm

Significant rainfall over the past several days has led to some incredible flooding in spots along the Gulf Coast States. Catch 22, it’s nice to see the rain, but when it comes in buckets like it has since last week, it can actually be more of a flooding nuisance. Here are some recent photos from Harlingen, TX and Paulina, LA where flooding was a problem.

5.29.14 PIC Harlingen TX
5.29.14 PIC LA Flooding

Why So Much Rain?

The water vapor satellite image below shows a tightly wound storm system centered over Arkansas, which has moved much in the past week. In fact, from last week at this time until now, the movement as gone from near the Four Corners region to placement now. The counterclockwise rotation of low pressure system has allowed a conveyor belt of moisture to set up in these areas and large quantities of rain have found their way into the Deep South/Gulf Coast States.

5.29.14 WV Low

Radar Estimated Rainfall

According to NOAA radars, the estimated rainfall has exceeded 2″ in many spots, however there are other locations that have seen 5″ or more. Some isolated locations in central Texas have estimates reaching 10″!

5.29.14 TX Rainfall

Drought Relief!

The good news is that we need this rain… we actually need a lot more rain to help bust the drought completely, but at least it’s a start. Keep you fingers crossed that we will keep the rainfall potential coming! Note that the EXCEPTIONAL Drought for the southern tier of the nation has decreased from 17.21% last week to 8.96% this week! There has also been a reduction in all other drought categories for the Deep South, but this was the most significant improvement.

5.28.14 Drought Monitor

5.29.14 Drought Update

More Rain on the Way?

Yes, there appears to be more rain on the way, but not necessarily for places that could use some drought denting/busting rain. According to NOAA’s HPC, the 5 day rainfall forecast suggests two big blobs of heavier moisture (2″ to 4″ or more) through the upcoming weekend.

5.29.14 HPC 5 day

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