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South Carolina on the Edge: Death Toll Rises – Dam Breaches Still a Major Concern

7 Oct 2015, 3:06 pm

Another dam in South Carolina has breached, bringing the total number to 13. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control reports the dam on Ulmers Pond in east Columbia has breached. This is the seventh dam in Richland county to burst since Sunday.

After a tense 2 hours, residents near Beaver Dam in Richland County can breath a sigh of relief. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, emergency officials feared the Dam had destabilized and there would be no way to stop the flow of water from the lake. At 6:45am, an emergency notification was sent out to homes in the area and deputies went door-to-door, telling people to leave. But efforts to stabilize the dam since Monday, including dropping 400 tons of rock, proved successful. Officials say there is no longer danger to the 1000 homes in that area.

After a historic start to the month of October for much of the Mid- Atlantic, 4 rivers across the state of South Carolina are now in the Major Flooding Category or will reach this status by the end of the week.


The Lynches River at Effingham remains in the Major flood stage category with a recent observed value of 18.85 ft as of Tuesday October 6th, 2015 8:54 PM EDT. Good news for Effingham since this is an improvement from the observation earlier that morning at 19.73 ft.

flood graph 1

The Santee River near Jamestown surpassed it’s flood stage on Sunday morning and is currently in the Minor category. Unfortunately for residents near Jamestown, the Santee River is expected to be in the Major flood category by Saturday afternoon.


On a brighter note, the Black River at Kingstree has a more hopeful forecast with it currently at 22.42 ft but expected to be back in the Moderate Flooding stage by Sunday. The Black River has surpassed its flood stage by 10 ft.

flood graph 2

The Edisto River near Givhans Ferry does not have that bright of a forecast. It’s currently at 15.35 ft and expected to rise at least another foot by the weekend while the N. Fork Edisto River at Orangeburg is expected to go back down to it’s Flood stage of 8 ft by Monday morning. The N. Fork Edisto River topped out at 13.64 ft on Monday October 5th.

flood graph 3

n fork

Streets that are in the voluntary evacuation area:
☁Pebble Creek Road
☁Holliday Road
☁Holliday Court
☁Wood Duck Road
☁Mallett Hill Court
☁Beaver Dam Road
☁West Sweetbriar
☁North Sweetbriar
☁Miles Road
☁Silverlake Drive
☁Silverlake Road East
☁Gate Post Lane

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