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South Florida Beaches Threatened by Rip Currents

A high pressure system sitting off the East Coast of the U.S. is bringing strong winds onshore to coastal communities. One area that is being impacted the hardest is South Florida. 

Onshore winds blowing perpendicular to the coast line create localized small but strong currents that eventually force water away from the coast, that is the rip currents. A current moving away from the coast. These can be very strong. Even the strongest Olympic swimmer can’t swim against a strong rip current. Palm Beach County and points south towards Miami-Dade county will be be experiencing the worst rip currents.


If you are planning on getting in the water – sea surface temperatures are on the cooler end in North Florida and along the Gulf Coast. Unfortunately the warmest waters are lcoated where the rip currents are. There is no correlation between warm waters and rip currents.



Also, wave heights are generally low but if you are a weak swimmer, even a small wave could knock you off of your feet.



Here’s some tips to break the grip of the rip if you find yourself caught.



For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein

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