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The South Gets a Brief Taste of Fall

15 Oct 2017, 8:54 am

The South is used to missing out on the fall fashion trends like boots and scarves but a lucky few could rock their fall gear with a pumpkin spice latte in hand because cooler temperatures are swinging in. For the past few days, the whole eastern half of the United States dealt with temperatures well above average for this time of year.

However, a cold front is about to change that. This is the same cold front that brought flooding rain, strong winds, and hail to the Midwest on Saturday. Now that front is ushering a taste of fall for the south. Warm air with plenty of moisture is surging out ahead of the front though so this Sunday will be yet another warm and humid day. The main threat for severe weather Sunday will be across New York and Pennsylvania so the south won’t have to worry about another more than your average thunderstorm.

Highs will be back in the middle to upper 80s. Tack on about 5 more degrees to those temperatures because that’s what the humidity will make it feel like.

This cold front though, starts to pick up speed at the start of the week and pushes through Sunday into Monday. The cold, dry air mass behind it, moves in and gives the south a cool down.

80s are replaced with 70s and lower humidity Monday for much of the south. Places that haven’t had the front fully push through though, like Florida, still have another muggy day near 90.

The south and even east at that, will finally have the weather agreeing that is really is mid-October.

Hot-lanta won’t be so hot for the start of the week but this taste of fall is just that, a taste. Temperatures start to steadily climb back up starting Wednesday.


So if you live in the south for the warmth, this cool down won’t be here for long. Enjoy the change of pace and the more refreshing afternoons.

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