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Southern Snow Chances

6 Dec 2017, 3:19 pm

First of all, holy moly what a temperature drop for the southeast over the last 24 hours!

I think this bonafide cold front deserves a round of applause!

So put another log on the fire, folks! Its going to be chilly tonight across the south and southeast and a touch colder by Thursday night.

Highs tomorrow will struggle to make it into the 40’s for most southern states. Don’t worry Florida, you’ll be in on the action by Friday as the front reaches your area.

Some of the coldest air of the season thus far will settle across the south by Thursday night so be ready with the heavy coats by Friday morning.

So about those snow chances because we know that’s been all the buzz today!

Here’s the cliff notes:

We have a large dip in the polar jet stream as shown in the graphic below. Scientifically, this acts as our “river of weather” bringing lots of energy to fuel storms all across the country all year round. During the fall-winter months, large dips in this jet stream allows for cold air to funnel as far south as the jet dips. This is basically a front door left wide open for arctic air to spill all across the eastern half of the country.

It takes very strong and potent systems such as this to see greater snow chances for some of our southern most states. Parts of Southwestern Texas are expecting a changeover to snow late tonight-tomorrow where winter weather advisories are already in effect.

As far as our more southeastern states are concerned, snow chances are much more isolated. The cold air rushing in behind this system is very likely to meet up with fetch of moisture coming in from our south and west by late tomorrow which could yield some flurry action across some locations but don’t count on much of anything in the way of accumulations.

Parts of the Carolinas may see some light flurries by Thursday night- Friday morning. This is mainly concentrated for Central areas of the Carolinas. How much? A dusting of snow at best.

A lot of what the forecast model is depicting above will likely fall in the form of a wintry mix. Again, timing for late Thursday night into Friday morning. Widespread travel issues NOT expected;however, bridges and overpasses could become slick as this materializes into the overnight hours Thursday-Friday.

Parts of Georgia and Alabama are more likely to see a wintry mix. Notice the pink highlighted areas on graphic below illustrating wintry mix locations. Again, no accumulations expected

In conclusion, this isn’t looking to be a decent snow set-up for the southeast so DON’T get too excited as widespread snow accumulations do not look to be likely. However, enjoying the look of a few light flurries with perhaps a light dusting to maybe an inch or so of snow for parts of the Carolinas is a little more likely.

Besides, isn’t it just fun to look at regardless of it sticking?! That’s the real debate and we’ll leave that for another article for now.

Enjoy, folks! Tis’ the season!


Meteorologist Merry Matthews






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