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Southwest’s Stormy Stretch – Epic Las Vegas Flooding, Funnel Clouds & More

las vegas flood

Arizona & Texas

A swath of tropical moisture in the Pacific is feeding into storms in the Southwest. A funnel cloud was spotted in Buckeye, Arizona and a possible tornado spun up in El Paso County, Texas Tuesday afternoon. Storms have embedded heavy downpours and carry the threat of flooding over the dry ground.


This is continued unsettled weather for the Southwest. On Monday, flash flooding near San Bernardino, California piled dirt and rocks on a highway like a ramp. Highway 95 was flooded and impassable. According to local law enforcement, one car was washed into the desert.

Even the US’ hottest and driest spot on the map, Death Valley, California, received rain. Storms dropped near a tenth of an inch Monday night into Tuesday morning, closing nearby highways and roadways.

Las Vegas, Nevada Area

Monday’s flash flooding produced a six inch water flow down Grand Canyon Drive in Las Vegas. Construction cones were floating down the street. Drivers were caught off guard and the fire department had to make two swift water rescues. Las Vegas received a record .62 inches of rain, putting the yearly precipitation above the average.

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What Else Can You Expect?

wed storm potential

Storms are forecasted for Wednesday and continue the threat of flash flooding.

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