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A Space ‘Triple Threat’ Arrives on Friday – What to Watch For

8 Feb 2017, 9:32 pm

A full moon, a lunar eclipse and a comet will all illuminate skies across the country and the globe on Friday night.

It’s a rare triple threat of space events all setting up to happen simultaneously, but that’s the cosmic coincidence that should have all space-lovers by their telescopes this week.

First, a ‘penumbral’ lunar eclipse will take place shortly after sunset on Friday. The penumbral eclipse means the moon will move through the outer portion of earth’s shadow, which means a grey-ish tint to the moon will be visible. The exact eclipse will take place at 7:43pm EST, meaning only a sliver of the East Coast will be able to see the eclipse, with mostly Europe and Africa holding the best views of it. Still, areas from coastal Virginia into New England should be able to see the eclipse early on Friday evening.

Then, the comet 45P will make its closest pass to earth on Friday night, putting it about 7.4 million miles away. The comet’s been visible for the last two months, but Friday marks its closest point to Earth before zipping further out into space again.

Finally, the full snow moon will be visible. It’s named that way since February is typically America’s snowiest month.

All together, it wraps up a space-lover’s dream evening, filled with a rare collaboration of space events. Looking for your forecast for the cosmic triple threat? Just type in your zip code or city to the top part of the home screen at Happy viewing!

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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