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Weather-wise it sure was a busy weekend for most of the Lower 48. The same is true of the 50th state as well. Hawaii saw a rare tropical system make direct landfall for the time in 22 years. Also, the first time the Big Island was directly impacted on record!

From fire weather in the west, heat in the desert and in Texas, and then torrential rain in the eastern half of the country; it’s safe that we’ve seen it all.

Over the weekend areas in the Ohio River valley experienced unprecedented amounts of rain. Lexington, Ky. alone saw 5.38″ of rain on Sunday. To put things into perspective Lexington reported 2.30″ of rain in one hour, that alone beat the daily record for that day. When you put everything together, it added up to the 4th wettest day on record there.


Staying with the trend of heavy rains, many parts of Alabama and Mississippi experienced the same kind of conditions with flash flooding all over the place and unfortunately there is more rain in the forecast.

Switching gears to Texas: The heat is on. Just until a couple of weeks ago San Antonio had’t reached 100°. Since it did reach 100 it seems like everyday, for the last week, has been that hot for much of the state. Yesterday Dallas’ main airport — DFW — recorded a high of 101°. While not a record, that’s still hot North Texas.

The most critical weather events of the weekend were the raging wildfires in the West. There are currently more than 150 wildfires burning in the west — 30 of those are large and significant fires. Many fires have caused evacuation advisories and some even have evacuation orders posted. No real relief is expected to come in the foreseeable future. Critical fire risk will be a major concern through Tuesday.


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Meteorologist Thomas Geboy

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