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Spring Break: Where to Find the Warm Weather and Sun

15 Mar 2017, 7:21 am

It’s no secret, some of us arrive at work in the wee hours of the morning.
And just like a lot of you, one of the first items on the ‘to do list’ in the morning is catch up on social media.

It seems lately my feed has been inundated with friends and families escaping the mundane for a little spring break fun!

In fact, more than half of all college students around the U.S. use this time for a little R&R– which naturally sparked an early-morning conversation.

Ah, where would we go– given the opportunity?
Being meteorologists, we approached this a little different than your average bear, so it only seems fit to share.

Because, after all, who wants to end up Spring Broken in a situation like the one above!

Popular Destinations

It’s no secret, there’s something about us weather nerds that just attracts a good time.
So a great place to start is with the popular getaways!

  • Florida
    From the beach parties to the magic of Disney this popular destination has it all.
    And after a recent bout of cold, it seems warm temperatures will return in the coming weeks for all you vacationers!

  • Colorado
    Between spring skiing and other legal recreation Colorado has become a hot spot for active families and experimental college students.
    Denver will continue to run above average in terms of temperature and ample sun!
    If your headed to the mountains, things are looking quite dry through at least the start of next week with temperatures hovering just above freezing.

  • So Cal
    Hey Hollywood, don’t forget the shades!
    Warmth and sun will prevail through the next week!

  • Texas
    Looks like all of the Gulf Coast vacationers will get the same warmth most of the western U.S. will be basking in for the coming week!

  • Cancun, Mexico
    After a couple days of clouds, things will clear up and temperatures will return to the 80’s by the end of the week!
    Don’t forget the swimsuit!

  • New York
    If you’re looking for the real winter getaway, head to the Northeast!
    Temperatures will continue to trend below average following the massive Nor’easter that buried much of the region in snow!

Pro Tip

  1. Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen!
    The detrimental effects of too much sun are much worse than any of us will ever admit!
    (Because a solid tan looks so GOOD)
  2. Drink plenty of fluids!
    WATER— all you vacationers get plenty of the other stuff as is!
  3. Send your photos to WeatherNation.
    We will feature them on national TV!
    (And maybe Meteorologist Tracey Anthony will stop hounding me about super bloom photos)

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For WeatherNation — Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo

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