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Spring Is Here: Florida Gets Struck & Mississippi Winds Whip

Florida Storms

Monday was another severe weather day with more than two dozen storm reports coming in from three states. First, Florida lived up to its reputation as the number one lightning strike location in the world, as we see with this storm. At first glance it almost looks like repeated strikes to the same spot, but when we slow it down, we see the first stroke hits, and then multiple strokes pound the same target on the ground to the left of the first one, after that.

Mississippi Storms

In Mississippi, storms caused wind damage in several places. In Terry, trees and power lines were downed… there was some minor structural damage to several homes and one gust was high enough to bend this truck’s steel hood hinges.

Severe storm season is far from over and parts of the country are under a marginal risk for severe storms again today, so stay weather aware!

 – John Van Pelt.

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